The Maguire VBD-300

Control up to 300 lb/hr (136kg/hr) in 1/6 the time with our patented 3-stage drying technology.

Energy Savings

Side-by-side testing of the vacuum dryer and a desiccant dryer shows reduced energy consumption of 70 – 85%. The key to the reduced energy consumption is that the vacuum dryer does not rely on desiccant. Desiccant, once saturated, must be regenerated by a heating and cooling process so it will again be able to absorb moisture. All energy required to regenerate desiccant is lost to ambient.

Speed of Drying

Typically, the vacuum dryer will dry materials in one-sixth the time of a desiccant dryer. If your desiccant dryer drying time is 4 hours, the vacuum dryer will do the job in 40 minutes. The result is time-savings of 3 hours and 20 minutes every time you start up a dryer. This not only represents reduced energy cost, but could also represent 3 hours and 20 minutes of additional production time.

Reduced Maintenance

Since desiccant degrades over time it must be replaced on a regular basis. This expense is avoided with a vacuum dryer. In addition, the need to monitor the condition of desiccant is eliminated.

Low Material Stress

Long drying times at elevated temperatures can cause thermal, chemical and physical material degradation. Materials if exposed to prolonged elevated temperature during drying run the risk of degradation including discoloration and/or IV drop which leads to reduced physical properties of the end-product.

Our VBD vacuum dryers use our proven gravimetric technology

Adaptive Drying

This clever technology prevents material from over drying and uses 60% less energy.

Quicker Material Changes

Load cell control allows for controlled dryer stops with an empty vacuum chamber and retention hopper – when production stops, no material clean out is required, allowing the next production run to start immediately.

No Cross Contamination

No material is left in the retention hopper or vacuum chamber once the dryer is programmed to stop, ensuring no material cross contamination.
How It Works
3 Stage drying process
The dryer operates in a 3 step process and the material goes through the drying steps accordingly.
Material in the heating hopper is brought to set point by means of a centrifugal blower through a 40 Kw heating element. The requested heating temperature is adjusted on the control panel and the cycle lasts 45 minutes (60 minutes for PET).

Upon reaching the desired set point, heated material is discharged from the heating hopper into the vacuum chamber. The vacuum is brought to 90% of full vacuum and maintained for the set time period. The vacuum cycle typically lasts for about 15 minutes so you have ready-to-process material in as short as 35 minutes.

The dried material is discharged into an insulated retention / take-off hopper for consumption. A positive pressure heated dry air purge is maintained on the material.

Technical Specification

Model VBD-300
U.S. Metric
Maximum Throughput 300 lbs./hr 136 kg/hr
Heating Hopper Volume 4.25 cu. ft. 120 liters
Vacuum Chamber Volume 2.0 cu. ft. 57 liters
Retention Hopper Volume 2.25 cu. ft. 64 liters
Max. Temperature 375°F 190°C
Power Requirements 480 VAC/27 AMP 380 VAC/33 AMP
Process Heater 18 KW
Blower 3.5 HP 2.2 kW
Compressed Air Pressure 85 PSI 5.86 bar
Compressed Air Usage 19.8 SCFM peak 560 lpm peak
Product Weight 918 lbs. 416 kg

Technical Drawing


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