The Maguire VBD-150:
Dry Up to 150 lb./hr in 1/6 the Time with Half the Energy

That’s right… Maguire Vacuum Dryers are proven to dry all types of polymers in a fraction of the time and with up to 85% less energy than desiccant dryers.

..and leave it to Maguire to improve on a great thing:


  • Improved design obsoletes moving canisters and minimizes moving parts.
  • Continuous batch drying process.
  • -40° dew point air is constantly bled into vacuum and retention hoppers.
  • Vertical design minimizes footprint.
  • No heat loss is guaranteed with double-insulation on all vessels.
  • Reduced Maintenance – no desiccant to change – no filters to clean.
  • Faster drying improves production planning.
  • “No stress” material drying – means no material degradation.
  • Process temperatures up to 350°F. (175°C)
  • Vacuum take-off or gravity feed material discharge available.
  • Backed by same 5-year warranty as all Maguire products.

How the VBD-150 Dryer Works: VBD Vacuum Dryers utilize a 3-stage continuous batch drying process

Stage 1:

Material in the heating hopper is brought to set point by means of a centrifugal blower through a heating element. The requested heating temperature is adjusted on the control panel.

Stage 2:

Upon reaching the desired set point, heated material is discharged from the heating hopper into the vacuum vessel. The vacuum is brought to 700mm Hg and held to a 20mm Hg differential for the set cycle time. The vacuum cycle typically lasts about 15 – 20 minutes so you have ready-to-process material in 30 – 40 minutes.

Stage 3:

The dried material is discharged into an insulated retention / take-off hopper for consumption. A positive pressure heated dry air purge is maintained on the material.


VBD Controller

Simple is better – no confusing icons – only two screens to monitor

The controller is a Motorola micro-processor

  • Four buttons provide access for setting operation mode, adjusting dryer parameters and many additional program functions.
  • Alarms are shown on the display and signaled by an alarm light and horn with silence function.
  • Reports can be generated via a USB port to either a memory stick or printer.
  • Program updates via flash memory using a standard USB memory device.



Vacuum Generator:
Maintains vacuum at 70mm
Hg ± 20mm Hg to ensure
that moisture is drawn out
of the polymer. (Location
back side of the enclosure).


Alarm Light

Heating Hopper: Insulated
stainless steel hopper for
drying temperatures up to
350°F (175°C).

Coalescing Filters:
Removes moisture from
compressed air supply

Dry Air Membrane:
Provides dry air
purge for vacuum
vessel and dry
air blanket of the
retention hopper.


Insulated Vacuum Vessel
with cleanout port.

Insulated Retention Hopper for
dried material.
Material takeoff


Energy usage comparison with dual-desiccant bed dryer
Dual Bed Dryer vs. Maguire VBD-1000 Vacuum Dryer
Drying 1000 lb/hr (454 kg/hour) of nylon at 170°F ( 77°C):
– Electrical consumption only
– Compressed air generation electrical requirement for 9.8 SCFM
TOTAL True Energy Consumption @ 170°F (77°C)
Dual Bed
Drying 1000 lb/hr (454 kg/hour) of Polycarbonate at 250°F ( 121°C):
Dual Bed VBD
Total True Energy Consumption @ 250°F (121°C) 120.3 53.4
Note: “compressed air generation electrical requirement” is the amount
of electrical energy required to make the amount of compressed air that
the unit consumes. It is based on 4 SCFM requiring 1.0 HP, and 1.0 HP
being 746 watts of power.
Model VBD-150
U.S. Metric
Maximum Throughput up to 150 lb./hr. up to 68 Kg
Heating Hopper Volume 2 ft3 (average 76 lbs) 56 L (average. 35 Kg )
Vacuum Chamber Volume 1 ft3 (average 38 lbs) 28 L (average 17.3 Kg)
Retention Hopper Volume 1.3 ft3 (average 50 lbs) 37 L (average 22.5 Kg)
Max. Temperature 370°F 185°C
Power Supply 480V/3ph/60Hz
20 amp service
20 amp service
Process Heater 6 KW 6 KW
Blower 1.1 HP, 105 scfm .82 KW, 2973 L/min
Compressed Air Pressure 85 psi 5.8 bar
Compressed Air Usage 12.5 ft3/hr. 354 L/hr
Product Weight 501 lb. 228 Kg


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