HydroTracer – water content determination in solids

The HydroTracer is a highly accurate moisture analyser, which measures low water contents in solids. It uses a chemical determination of the actual water mass.


The advantages of the patented process:

  • A chemical measurement enables a specific determination of water. Other volatile substances are not detected.
  • Dried plastics can be measured accurately at lowest residual moisture level.
  • Illustrated instructions on the screen explain the handling, so even non-specialist operators can use the device.
  • The HydroTracer can be used within the production facilities due to the compact design and the easy operation.

The precision of the method combined with high sample weights allows the determination of very low water contents with an accuracy of a few ppm. A wide range of materials as granules, films and powders can be tested. The device has been developed for the measurement of water content in granules of technical thermoplastics. A calibration before the measurement is not necessary. The device combines robustness with low weight. Due to these properties and the compact design the HydroTracer is a perfect device for mobile use as plant commissioning etc.

The operation – it’s that easy!

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