The Sweeper system is designed to automatically remove material from a gaylord type container without the need for human intervention. 


The SWEEPER gets its name from the fact that it continuously “sweeps” the top level of the contents of the Gaylord to the outer edges. The material is vacuumed up the rotating vertical pick up tube assembly, which in turn has a flexible hose and wand assembly that rotates. As the pick up tube assembly rotates the material is drawn up thru the vertical portion, and into the manufacturing process.

The motor that rotates the pick up tube is only activated when vacuum is sensed from the users conveying system. As the unit unloads the material from the gaylord, the counterbalance system allows the motor / control assembly to lower and follow the level of the material. When the sweeper reaches to the bottom of the gaylord, there will be a small amount of material remaining, which can be easily removed with the Gaylord liner and returned to inventory.

The whole system is very portable and can be easily transported from one location to another.

Available in the following models sizes.

  • SW-4815 – 48-inch clearance, 1.5-inch hose diameter.
  • SW-4820 – 48-inch clearance, 2.0-inch hose diameter.
  • SW-4825 – 48-inch clearance, 2.5-inch hose diameter.
  • SW-8415 – 84-inch clearance, 1.5-inch hose diameter.
  • SW-8420 – 84-inch clearance, 2.0-inch hose diameter.
  • SW-8425 – 84-inch clearance, 2.5-inch hose diameter.
Power Requirements: 120 VAC or 230 VAC, model dependent.

Standard Features

  • Automatic material removal
    The sweeper’s rotating action moves resin to a slotted pickup tube to be vacuumed out of the container.
  • Reduces labor
    No one has to manually move the pickup tube because resin is constantly moved to the vacuum point.
  • Reduces waste
    Effective material removal keeps resin from being thrown away.
  • Small footprint
    Footprint is slightly more than the gaylord being unloaded.
  • Safer than a tilt table
    The sweeper has no heavy-duty hydraulics with pinch points and low torque and rotation speed provide inherent safety – no guards required.
  • Easy placement of resin containers
    A pallet jack can move the container into position… no forklift required.
  • Lower installation and operation costs
    The Sweeper requires no compressed air and operates on 115 V electricity, drawing less than 2 amps.
  • Signal lights
    Lights indicate when the unit is “ON” and when it is rotating.
  • Energy savings / extended motor life
    A vacuum switch allows the unit to operate only while your vacuum system is pulling material. Thus, this system is always ready, never has to be manually started or stopped. There is a Jog button to rotate the unit manually.

How It Works

The Sweeper gets its name from the fact that it continuously “sweeps” the top level of the contents of the gaylord to the outer edges. The material is vacuumed up by a slotted pickup tube that is attached to the end of a flexible suction hose. The whole lower section descends and rotates in a way that forces the pickup tube to vacuum up the material without interruption, including the material that is swept into the corners of the container. Ultimately, less than 10 lb. of pellets remain.
  • A sturdy structural steel stand that straddles the gaylord allowing easy front access.
  • A set of vertical “rails” carry a “trolley” up and down above the gaylord.
  • The trolley carries a fixed, standard 1.5″, 2.0″ or 2.5″ aluminum material conveying tube, and is coupled to a second tube below, that rotates.
  • The lower rotating tube is driven by a gear motor, at about 1 RPM.
  • A 3 foot, flexible vacuum hose has a short slotted pick up tube at the end to effectively vacuum up the pellets.
  • Pellets in the center are “swept” to the outside by a cross member, that serves as the “sweeper”.
  • As the vertical tube rotates, the flexible portion is dragged across the top of the pellets, in a swept back trailing manner, reaching into each corner and repeatedly vacuuming pellets from the sides and corners.
  • A counter balanced spring-loaded cable prevents the weight of the trolley from becoming buried in the resin.
Options: Show options as separate line item on order.
Stainless Steel Brush Assembly (in lieu of standard): Part # OPSW-001
Accessories: Show accessories as separate line item on order.
Cover for Gaylord: Part#: GLC-4848
Interconnected Controls for Dual Sweepers: Part# OPSW-002
Shipped separately.

Combine with GVL series loaders for a complete gaylord unloading package


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