Series MPM Pre-Mixers automatically and continuously provide thorough mixing of resin, regrind and additives as they enter the throat of the process machine. These mixers are designed to mount directly to the feed throat of the process machine with hopper and hopper loader mounted directly above. When adding liquid color, color concentrate or other additives, the Maguire Pre-Mixer ensures a homogenous blend, and coloring is more efficient, more thorough and more uniform. Color consistency of the finished product is improved, and problems such as streaking are virtually eliminated.

  • Visible Color Flow. No Clogging.
    Color or additive is introduced into an air pocket just above the mixing blades. Material dispense is visible through the clear window. The non-clogging design provides consistent flow of blended material.
  • Easy Cleaning
    The wrap-around mix chamber insert is easily removed, allowing clear access to all material contact surfaces. Stainless steel internal parts facilitate cleaning and will not corrode or discolor.
  • Baffle Plate Prevents Packing and Improves Mixing
    As Material flows into the Pre-Mixer chamber, it must first cascade over a sloped baffle plate. This prevents packing and eliminates downward pressure on the process screw. The drive motor runs cooler, higher mixing speeds can be used, and overall mixing is improved.
  • Safety Interlock (Models MPM-50 & MPM-18)
    The clear hinged door is equipped with an electrical interlock for operator safety.
  • Reduce Color Consumption
    In many cases thorough mixing will actually reduce the amount of color required to produce the depth of desired coloring.
Model Description Throughput
MPM-2 2 lb Pre-Mixer up to 100 lb/hr (45 kg/hr)
MPM-9 9 lb Pre-Mixer up to 500 lb/hr (227 kg/hr)
MPM-9C 9 lb Pre-Mixer w/removable blades and hi-speed motor up to 500 lb/hr (227 kg/hr)
MPM-18 18 lb Pre-Mixer up to 1,500 lb/hr (680 kg/hr)
MPM-50 50 lb Pre-Mixer up to 5,000 lb/hr (2,270 kg/hr)

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